„Architecture has to be the background for life.“


We design places and products: Thematic background environments, compelling locations and iconic products. Felix Schwake founded his studio in 2006 with a focus on interior design and furniture. Since then, he has expanded the company into a multidisciplinary practice that address­es mul­ti­ple lay­ers of staging identity.


With a team of architects, designers, craftsmen and artists, we design buildings, interiors, furniture and objects with a focus that goes well beyond what things “look like”, to "how they make people feel”.


Our company and its founder have received many awards, including the INTERIOR INNOVATION AWARD, the GERMAN DESIGN AWARD and the ICONIC AWARD.

The trophy shelf is not our primary concern. Our vision is focused forward and we are constantly striving for the new and innovative to conceive the memorable experiences of tomorrow.


Our clients include leading companies, hotel and resort brands, developers, retailers, restaurateurs, manufacturers, entrepreneurs and creative who want to stand apart from the crowd.

We develop our designs open-minded and collaborative. In doing so, we allow ourselves to dream big and vaulting over obstacles to arrive at completely new, innovative solutions.


We bring the same atten­tion to detail to every project, from table­top objects to expan­sive new devel­op­ments, and active­ly look for part­ners who share our pas­sion for doing bet­ter than what has been done before. For us, it’s all about design­ing the background of your life, the world you want to live in.






Gewinner: Iconic Award 


Gewinner: Iconic Award Selection


Gewinner:  German Design Award SPECIAL


Gewinner: Interior Innovation Award SELECTION


Gewinner: Interior Innovation Award


Gewinner: Interior Innovation Award


Felix Schwake


Felix is a German architect and designer.
Born in Fulda, Germany in 1984.
After graduating from Mies-van-der-Rohe School in Aachen, he studied architecture in Dortmund and founded his studio "Felix Schwake".

At the department of architecture of the "UNIVERSITY OF APPLIED SCIENCES AND ARTS FH DORTMUND" Felix holds several lectureships:

-   Building Design
-   Building Construction
-   Visualization & Presentation

For a lot of his works Felix has won important international awards, including the Interior Innovation Award, the German Design Award and the Iconic Award.