Functional Art: A Rediscovery of Art in Everyday Life

The Transformation of Artistic Creation

For the artist Felix Schwake, functional art is not just a trend or a movement, but a profound rediscovery of the relationship between people and art. Inspired by German modernism and the Bauhaus ideology, he strives to create works of art that seamlessly integrate into daily life. His works - from

  • beds
  • desks,
  • dining tables,
  • shelves,
  • cabinets,
  • side tables,
  • sofas,
  • coffee tables
  • armchairs and chairs
  • ...

- are more than just functional. They uniquely merge sculptural aesthetics and usability. By its purism his works melts between petry and reality.

Functional Art as an Integral Part of Everyday Life

Felix Schwake designs functional objects that are an integral part of daily life and enrich the domestic environment. The focus is not only on function but also on the aesthetic statement. His furniture pieces are sculptural objects that stage the room similar to a museum and create a calm, contemplative atmosphere through their puristic design.

Functional Art as a Connection to Memory and Emotion

Felix Schwake views functional art as a constant search for objects that are both aesthetically pleasing and establish a connection to everyday activities. His artworks not only evoke memories of experienced situations or travels but also generate feelings of well-being and familiarity, bringing art to life in everyday routines.


Examples of Functional Art

A Dining Table as a Work of Art

A dining table by Felix Schwake is more than just a functional piece of furniture. Through its puristic design, it becomes an aesthetically appealing work of art that serves both as a table and as a sculptural appearance in the room.

A Bed as a Sculpture and Resting Place

A bed can be more than just a place to sleep. Through its sculptural design and the use of consciously chosen materials, Felix Schwake transforms the bed into an aesthetic work of art that enriches the bedroom and makes it a place of peace and contemplation.

Chairs as Works of Art

His chairs covered in precious lacquer are not only seating furniture but also sculptural works of art. They aesthetically enrich the room and simultaneously offer a functional seating option. They represent the fusion of art and functionality that Felix Schwake aims for in his work.

Functional Art in Living and Office Furniture

Also, in the design of living and office furniture, Felix Schwake combines art and function. He breaks with traditional notions of furniture and instead uses natural materials and innovative geometric shapes. He places great emphasis on creating a calm, contemplative atmosphere achieved through the puristic design of the furniture.

A Desk as a Work of Art

The desk is another example of functional art. Felix Schwake transforms the desk through innovative designs and the use of high-quality materials into an aesthetic work of art in the office that also serves as a functional workplace.



For Felix Schwake, functional art is the connection between artistic concept and everyday life. His works are not only aesthetically pleasing objects but also works of art that enrich daily life and turn it into an aesthetic experience. He strives to discover the beauty of normality and to enrich everyday life through his works of art. In doing so, he aligns himself with the principles of German modernism and draws inspiration from the work of great artists and architects.