Handwerkskunst - FELIX SCHWAKE

Bespoke Craftsmanship


Through his works, FELIX SCHWAKE turns architecture into a background for life.
Each work is Bespoke to the personal taste of its owner and made by hand as one of a kind.
Each work is a specicial design unique and represents the individual personality of its owner in timelessly purist aesthetics and finest, hand-crafted materials.


"Sign exceptional passion"


During manufactoring, it creates a true personal bond between the work and its creators. Only a small group of designers and craftsmen are allowed to look after a piece of work and are allowed to spend a lot of time even with small details.
Only when everyone in the group feels that their work meets the perfectionist aspirations of each they award their work with the golden RECTANGLE as a sign of exceptional design and passionate craftsmanship.


Explore the service of bespoke in our studio in Bochum or let FELIX SCHWAKE visit you at a location of your choice, at home, in the office or directly on the construction site - whenever it is convenient for you.


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