Felix Schwake is a German architect and designer born in Fulda in 1984.


He graduated at Mies-van-der-Rohe-School in Aachen, studied architecture in Dortmund and founded his studio in Bochum, where he lives and works today.

At the Department of Architecture in Dortmund he holds lectureships in “Building Design” and “Building Construction”.


Research, abstraction and presentation guide his interventions in architecture as well as in the design of objects.


Schwake creates sculptural places and objects that evoke physical and intellectual experiences on the threshold of art and function.


Attention and presentation of life processes; the dialogue between stage and subject forms the cornerstones of his work.


Life is made visible as an essence in space. Boundaries between “stage and reality” becomes blurred.


Felix Schwake is an up-and-coming artist in the international design scene and creates unique and limited objects.


His interest in making aware of life processes, as an isolated distillate, is reflected in his objects, which combine luxurious materials with the highest level of art and craft perfection.


His love for art and craft is compared to German modernism, especially the Bauhaus movement, in person of "Walter Gropius" and "Mies-van-der-Rohe".





2021 Winner - Paris Design Award – 2021 Winner - German Design Award Special - Excellent Architecture – 2020 Winner - London Creative Competition Finalist – 2020 Winner - Paris: Product Design of the year – 2020 Winner - Paris Design Award

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