Chapter 1

Chapter 1

of The Creation Journey

Every relationship begins with getting acquainted. I delve into the client's world, understanding the space where the artwork will reside. In profound dialogues, the vision emerge. Inspired by the pristine beauty of nature, I select the perfect stone from a quarry. A material millions of years old, ready to find new meaning in my hands.

The creation journey consists of several chapters. They are about the search for the extraordinary, unique beauty, and functional added value; they deal with overcoming artisanal challenges, finding unique artistic solutions; they are about striving for perfection. To never lose sight of the bigger picture on this path, my creation journeys begin with crafting a strong vision. An overarching concept that guides all decisions made in the process.

The Birth of a Masterpiece

Inspired by the art movement of Modernism, I design minimalist designs using carefully selected materials. My creations span from the world's most picturesque locations to the most exclusive havens on land, at sea, and in the air. The inception of an idea is only the beginning - meticulous planning and construction turn the vision into tangible reality. Those who desire can become a part of this creation journey until the masterpiece finds its designated place in the world.