Chapter 1

Chapter 1

of The Creation Journey

The vision of the "creation journey" doesn't end with its creation.
Felix Schwake selects materials for his works that have the ability to reveal more than what is physically perceptible with our senses. These materials age gracefully, developing a beautiful and deeply personal patina through the traces left by their users, extending far beyond the point of handover to the customer, continuing through generations.

Manufacturing time: 240 million years

The creation journey consists of several chapters. They are about the search for the extraordinary, unique beauty, and functional added value; they deal with overcoming artisanal challenges, finding unique artistic solutions; they are about striving for perfection. To never lose sight of the bigger picture on this path, each creation journey begins with crafting a strong vision. An overarching concept that guides all decisions made in the process.

We look forward to getting to know you.

The creation journey merges a unique artistic vision with the functional necessities of everyday life. Whether for elegant living spaces, luxury office environments, or compelling commercial settings, Felix Schwake designs spaces and sculptures worldwide that blend function and art into a single masterpiece. We look forward to embarking on your creation journey, dreaming big to overcome obstacles and develop entirely new Visions.