Museum quality craftsmanship

Felix Schwake: Purist Functional Art Meets Craftsmanship

Tailored Designs

Each piece by Felix Schwake is unique and tailored to its owner. Designed to reflect the individual taste and preferences of each person, as an architect, Felix ensures that not only the object itself but the entire room is aesthetically designed.

An Aesthetic of Objectivity

Felix Schwake's designs are characterized by their clear lines and objective aesthetic. Instead of playful shapes and extravagant ornaments, his main focus is on craftsmanship perfection. Clear, unadorned surfaces require flawless execution, underscoring his commitment to absolute perfection.

Attention to Detail

Joints and connections in his purist designs are clearly visible, testifying to meticulous planning and precision down to the smallest detail. Each piece reveals his care from the inside out.

Handcrafted in Germany

Dimensions, fittings, materials, and colors are carefully coordinated and planned and produced in weeks of manual labor in Germany. The result is tailor-made pieces of art that are both aesthetic and functional, harmoniously complementing the room and its owner.

Purist Functional Art and Piano Lacquers: Felix Schwake's Excellence

The purist functional art of Felix Schwake is defined by meticulous perfection, form, and function. One of the critical factors embodying this perfection is his exquisite piano lacquers.

Diversity and Individuality in Lacquers

Felix Schwake offers an impressive range of over 100 finest piano lacquers. Each lacquer reflects not just a color but also a feeling, an ambiance, and a style.

Tailored Service for Unique Client Requests

Despite the myriad of options, experience has taught Felix Schwake that individuality knows no bounds. Thus, he goes a step further, offering the possibility to create personalized color shades for his clients. This unique service ensures that the artworks are perfectly tailored to the owner, not just in shape and function, but also in coloration.

Combining Art and Customer Service

Felix Schwake's piano lacquers are more than just surfaces. They are an expression of his dedication to art and his commitment to exceptional customer service. They combine top quality with individuality, allowing each artwork to tell a personal story.

Exquisite Leather Selection by Felix Schwake

Choice of Excellence: North European Bovine Leather

In Felix Schwake's workshop, quality is paramount. That's why only the finest leather from North European bovine herds is chosen for his purist functional art pieces. These animals graze at higher altitudes, protecting them from insect bites and other impairments that could influence the leather's quality.

Rigorous Selection Process for Perfection

Each leather hide that arrives at Schwake's workshop undergoes a rigorous selection process. This ensures that only the finest surfaces are chosen for crafting. The result is art pieces that impress not only in design but also in quality and durability.

Purist Functional Art Meets Craftsmanship

The commitment to top-tier leather reflects Schwake's pursuit of perfection in his purist functional art. Every piece tells a story of tradition, craftsmanship, and the relentless quest for excellence.

The Art of Fine Woods in Felix Schwake's Designs Purist Functional Art and Fine Woods

Felix Schwake is not only renowned for his minimalist and functional art but also for the extraordinary quality and individuality of the materials he employs. A special highlight in his repertoire are the fine woods.

Endless Choices

Similar to the piano lacquer colors, Schwake also offers an almost infinite selection when it comes to wood finishes. Customers can choose from a wide variety of fine woods, utilizing their natural grain as part of the design.

Personalized Art on Wood

By joining the wood grain, not only unique designs are created, but personalized artistic patterns, monograms, and even images can be incorporated into the surfaces. This process marries craftsmanship with art. Schwake's team of architects and designers thus craft tailor-made artworks perfectly attuned to their owner.


Felix Schwake elevates the art of furniture design to a new level by merging purist design with the beauty and individuality of fine woods. Each piece becomes a unique artwork that reflects its owner's personality.

Felix Schwake and His Masterpieces in Marble Marble: A Material of Timeless Elegance

For millennia, marble has been a symbol of luxury, elegance, and durability. Its unique texture and color variations turn every block of marble into a distinct artwork of nature.

Felix Schwake's Purist Interpretation

In the hands of Felix Schwake, marble becomes an expression of purist functional art. All of Schwake's works can be partially or fully crafted from this exquisite material, always emphasizing the natural beauty of the stone.

Individuality in Each Creation

The naturally designed patterns of the marble range from spectacular to subtly elegant. Felix Schwake's architects and designers meticulously select the appropriate stone for each project, reflecting the individual taste of the owner.


Felix Schwake has reinterpreted the traditional material of marble in his works to create timeless pieces of functional art. Each piece, whether crafted entirely or partially from marble, stands as a testament to his commitment to quality, aesthetics, and individuality.

Precious Metals: The Elegance of Felix Schwake's Functional Art Personalization through Precious Metal Works

When it comes to exquisite details in functional art, Felix Schwake introduces a whole new dimension of elegance with his precious metal creations. Whether subtle or striking, works in gold, platinum, or mother-of-pearl attest to a depth of personalization that transforms every detail into a truly special piece of art.

Craftsmanship and Uniqueness

Beyond the luxurious material, the true beauty lies in the craftsmanship and the individual talent of the artisans. Each piece, crafted in the manufactory, stands as a testament to the highest level of craftsmanship, making the artworks unique pieces.

Felix Schwake: Purism Meets Elegance

Felix Schwake sets new standards with his purist functional art. He combines the simple beauty of purist forms with the opulent elegance of precious metals, creating artworks that captivate both in their functionality and aesthetics.

Technology in Harmony with Design: Felix Schwake's Functional Art Invisible Technology for an Undisturbed Design

In the works of Felix Schwake, technology is not seen as a disruptive factor, but as an integral, albeit invisible, part of the design. The aim is to optimally integrate the function without compromising the clear aesthetics.

Outlets: Practical and Discreet

Each piece by Felix Schwake offers outlets positioned at easily accessible yet concealed locations. This ensures that the technology is always at hand but not visible, preserving the puristic design of the furniture piece.

Focus on the Essential

Felix Schwake's functional art stands out for its puristic and factual design. By hiding cables and technology, it ensures that the external shape of the work remains undisturbed and tidy even during use.