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Purist Functional Art in Motorsport: Felix Schwake Designs BMW Motorsport Race Presences

Design Meets Motorsport

On the occasion of BMW's return to the German Touring Car Championship, none other than renowned designer Felix Schwake has designed the back office area of the BMW Motorsport buildings moving from race to race. His purist, functional art creates a clear, expressive background for the dynamism of BMW Motorsport.

Geometry and Colour Dynamics

The powerful presence of geometry, coupled with the dynamic lightness of colours and surfaces, creates an environment that reflects both the tension of motor racing and the aesthetic rigour of Felix Schwake's design philosophy. This combination provides the perfect backdrop for the excitement and energy of BMW Motorsport.

Robustness and Quality

Completely new concepts were developed for the high demands of motorsport. The furniture designed by Felix Schwake is not only extremely robust but also highly mobile. They withstand the stresses of constant movement from race to race while remaining aesthetically appealing.


The design of the BMW Motorsport race presences by Felix Schwake is an impressive example of how functional, purist art can enrich motorsport. By combining clear geometry, dynamic colour design, and robust quality, Schwake creates an environment that fascinatingly reflects the energy and dynamism of motor racing.