Life —  is an inflationary process that exists and fades away. A moving, colorful process as it can not be more important and valuable for every individual.
life as a process is ideal. However, the image of one's own life melts in an immeasurable variety of currents of foreign influences into a color which can no longer be differentiated. In the thick paste of our everyday life only screaming nuances of flashy/ pushy currents plying visibility for a short time. One's own life is an intimate confidant, yet it is completely strange.

The collection „Background for life“ offers the opportunity to experience its own life as an essence. In front of an white background one becomes familiar with his own self and gets to know oneselfs needs.

The collection is physically tangible. For senses geometry, materials and textures are abstracted so strongly that even the most discreet traces of life get visible infront of this high-contrasty white background and in that way receives unusual high attention.


„Background for life“ describes a transcendent / dream close world in which life is taken out from the arbitrariness of everyday life, staged on a white background. Life becomes distillate, extracted from the unrecognizable tough mass of foreign influences.

The self is consciously (self-aware) and the inner own needs and longings, as well as the own habitus designed for the environment, can be evaluated.

"Background for life" wants to make one's own self visible to make the self self-conscious.

Felix Schwake