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Interior Innovation Award 2011


Felix Schwake: The Master of Functional Art and Winner of the Interior Innovation Award 2011

An Award-Winning Talent in the World of Functional Art

Felix Schwake, the renowned designer and architect, has made a name for himself in the world of functional art. His unique creations, which oscillate between art and furniture, were honoured with the coveted Interior Innovation Award in 2011.

Functionality Meets Aesthetics: The Principle of Felix Schwake's Design Philosophy

Felix Schwake's design philosophy is deeply rooted in the idea that aesthetics and function should go hand in hand. This philosophy is evident in his puristic pieces, shining through every curve and line. They are more than just furniture, they are pieces of art that enrich their surroundings not only functionally but also aesthetically.

Between Art and Furniture: Felix Schwake's Exclusive, Puristic Pieces

Felix Schwake's work transcends the conventional boundaries of furniture design. His pieces are sculptural works of art that captivate with their simplicity and clarity. At the same time, they serve a functional role in the spaces where they are placed. Each piece is an expression of Schwake's puristic design approach, where superfluous details are removed and the essence of form and function is emphasized.

Architect and Designer: Felix Schwake's Diverse Oeuvre

In addition to his work as a furniture designer, Felix Schwake also works as an architect. In both fields, he pursues his unique, puristic approach. His architectural works reflect the same quest for simplicity and functionality that characterizes his pieces of furniture.

Whether as an architect or designer, Felix Schwake has proven that functional art is more than just a combination of aesthetics and utility. It is a unique form of expression that enriches space in a way that is both visually and practically pleasing. With his award-winning, puristic pieces, he has pushed the boundaries of design and demonstrated that functionality and beauty can go hand in hand.