Exquisite materials, uncompromising perfectionism in production and a heartfelt love for clear Geometry. This is how the philosophy of Felix Schwake can be summarized.

The brand was founded in 2011 in Dortmund, Germany, by the architect and eponym Felix Schwake.

As an architect, Felix does not only see the singular piece for itself he always wants to see the effect of his works in the context of the whole space in which it will be placed in. For him architecture, space, object and the owner are considered as a whole.
Geometry and texture are used reluctantly. Not the work should receive the greatest attention in the foreground. The life of the owner should be focused. For this reason, each of our works has to be specially ordered and will be then individually tailored for its owner.


„Architectur has to be background for life.“ Felix Schwake


The minimalst design language shifts attention to perfectly manufactured joints, corners and edges.
The claim of our desigenrs and the stiving for perfection of our artisans revive our tailor-made works with real personality. That unfolds the personal value beyond the noble materials, refined surfaces and unusual combinations.
Every bed, every conference table, every chair, every desk by Felix Schwake has its own identity and its own character. That can be experienced through these unique details.

Our very first award RECHTECK FELIX SCHWAKE
Felix Schwake Architect Designer RECHTECK FELIX SCHWAKE
Felix Schwake