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bespoke service
custom made concepts

We build our Lacquer surfaces in many layers by hand. As a basis, several layers of your desired color are built in separate layers. Subsequently, many layers of transparent clearcoat follow. Each layer ensures the special depth of these surfaces. Especially in the construction of these many transparent layers. Perfect workmanship and a consistently strict eye is important for every pass-through. This claim to perfection results in our particularly deep, brilliant mirror finish surfaces.

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Custom-Made Service: Puristic Functional Art by Felix Schwake

Individually Customized Concepts

German artist and designer Felix Schwake is known for his puristic functional art. His works stand for a seamless fusion of aesthetics and everyday life and radiate a unique tranquillity and contemplation. With Schwake, every piece of furniture is more than just a functional object - it is a work of art that enriches the room aesthetically and serves as a utilitarian object.

Handcrafted Lacquer Surfaces

A particular feature of Felix Schwake's work are the handcrafted lacquer surfaces. They are created by building up many layers in separate work cycles. The basis is several layers of the customer's desired colour, followed by many layers of transparent clear lacquer. Each layer contributes to the special depth of these surfaces.

Perfection in Every Detail

Particularly in the construction of these many transparent layers, perfect workmanship and a constantly vigilant eye are essential. This high demand for perfection results in particularly deep, brilliant mirror lacquer surfaces. The result is unique pieces of furniture that convince both through their aesthetic appeal and their practical function.


The functional works of art by Felix Schwake are an outstanding example of the connection of aesthetics and practice. His custom-made service offers individually customized concepts that are tailored to the customer's wishes. With their puristic design and handcrafted lacquer surfaces, they create a unique atmosphere of tranquillity and contemplation.