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Start of construction

Bauhaus Museum Store, Weimar

After the planning phase of the Museum-Store, the implementation of the design by Felix Schwake begins.

Alexander von Keyserlingk, Managing Director of the Museum Stores of the Klassikstiftung in Weimar, author and expert on urban retail-sales-concepts "slowretail" pretended his innovative space program, which was converted into an architectural design by Felix Schwake. Now the implementation started.

The design solution by Felix Schwake consists of "movable" module sizes and attaches great importance to a completely mobile compilation of all store elements on roles. So, Mr von Keyserlingk is able to show his visitors very day a new spatial product presentation. The goods arrangement on the goods carriers would not have to be changed.


links "Felix Schwake, Architekt", rechts "Alexander von Keyserlingk, Geschäftsführer Bauhaus Museum Store Weimar"



2021 Winner - Paris Design Award – 2021 Winner - German Design Award Special - Excellent Architecture – 2020 Winner - London Creative Competition Finalist – 2020 Winner - Paris: Product Design of the year – 2020 Winner - Paris Design Award

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