"Lindener str. 39a" — In one of the five-largest conurbations of europe, a melting pot of social layers and colorful cultures, deep in the west of Germany, in the Ruhr valley, also named "Ruhrpott", a region where the name has associated from his past as „Kohlenpott“ (coal pot) and the river „Ruhr“. In Linden Strasse 39a, directly located on the banks of the mentioned river Ruhr, a building of exposed concrete stands out by its eclective environment with calm, clear areas and sacral-designed spaces from the different diversity of its environment.

Built in 1994 by soan architects, this place of rest is a caesura in its colorful milieu. In the experiencable area of tension consisting of various space qualities, dealing with proportion and geometry is strongly sensitized, and is for Felix Schwake with his formal longing for clarity his daily inspiration and beneath artistic home, his proverbial home.

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