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Felix Schwake: Introducing His Purist 2014 Collection at IMM Cologne
IMM Cologne: A Platform for Innovative Designs

The International Furniture Fair (IMM) in Cologne is known as one of the world's most important platforms for innovative and outstanding furniture designs. 2014 was a particularly remarkable year as designer Felix Schwake introduced his new collection.

The Desk Awarded with the Interior Innovation Award 2014

At IMM 2014, Felix Schwake presented his latest desk, which was awarded the coveted Interior Innovation Award. This desk impresses with its purist design and thoughtful features.

Purist Design Meets Intelligent Features

The award-winning desk stands out with its clear, minimalist design that brings a harmonious order to the everyday environment. It frees its area from cables, office items, and technical devices, creating a relaxed working atmosphere. The pull-out worktop provides storage space and access to a cable duct with multimedia interfaces such as USB sockets for charging the mobile phone or network sockets for connecting the laptop.

Interior Innovation Award: Recognition for Outstanding Design

Not only the audience but also the jury of the Interior Innovation Awards were convinced by Felix Schwake's desk. His innovative design, which impresses both aesthetically and functionally, was awarded the Interior Innovation Award 2014.


Felix Schwake's 2014 collection, presented at IMM Cologne, is an excellent example of his consistent and innovative approach to functional art. He successfully combines purist design with intelligent features to create products that are both aesthetically pleasing and practical.