• FELIX SCHWAKE winner London Creative Competion 2020

London Creative Competition 2020

Felix Schwake has won the London Creative Competition 2020 finalst.

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Winner of the London Creative Competition 2020: Felix Schwake and his Purist Functional Art


Acclaimed artist and designer Felix Schwake has claimed the prestigious London Creative Competition 2020 as a finalist. With his unique and innovative MMXX II desk, he has received special recognition in the world of functional art.

The Philosophy Behind the MMXX II Desk

The MMXX II desk embodies Schwake's philosophy that "architecture must be the background for life". This piece of furniture extends simple geometry with functions for "use", and offers a place to work out fleeting ideas without distraction. To promote clarity and concentration, everyday work utensils, documents, and cables are hidden inside the table and remain easily accessible under the extendable writing surface.

Purist Functional Art by Felix Schwake

Schwake's approach to functional art is purist and aims to create a calm and focused work environment. The background of the empty table surface gives the idea to be worked out an unusual amount of attention, thereby promoting creative work. This conscious reduction and clear lines are characteristic of his work and make his designs unmistakable.

Acknowledgement of Functional Art

The MMXX II desk has not only won the London Creative Competition 2020 but also the Paris Design Award 2020 and the overall category of Product Design of the Year. With this object, Schwake impressively demonstrated his unique interpretation of functional art. Among the winners of the other categories are world-famous artists such as Ai Weiwei, who won the Graphic Design of the Year Award.

Felix Schwake sets a new standard in functional art with his purist design. His innovative and award-winning MMXX II desk embodies his philosophy and impressively demonstrates how functionality and aesthetics can work together harmoniously. Schwake's work represents a new generation of functional art that enriches everyday life and enhances it aesthetically.