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AIT Architecture Magazine 12-15


Felix Schwake: The Purist of Functional Art

The esteemed architecture magazine AIT recently highlighted the impressive work of Felix Schwake - an architect and designer whose functional art pieces blur the boundaries between art and furniture.

Design Awards: Recognition for Schwake's Innovative Design

Felix Schwake has been multiple times honored for his exceptional design and unique interpretation of functional art. His remarkable works have received prestigious design awards in the field of architecture and interior design, underlining his significant role in the contemporary design landscape.

Exclusive Puristic Pieces: Art Meets Function

Schwake's work is characterized by a puristic aesthetic that is both minimalistic and captivating. His pieces are more than just furniture - they are sculptural artworks that define the space while also serving a practical function. Each piece is exclusive and unique, crafted with an unparalleled attention to detail and a deep understanding of material and form.

The Design Philosophy of Felix Schwake

Felix Schwake's work is deeply rooted in his design philosophy, which is characterized by an unwavering commitment to functional aesthetics. His works are driven by the belief that design and function should not be viewed separately. Instead, Schwake sees them as mutually reinforcing elements that work together to create spaces that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Felix Schwake has made a name for himself as a designer who constantly redefines the boundaries of functional art. By merging design and function, he has created a range of furniture that serves both as artworks and practical objects. In a world where design is often reduced to aesthetics or function, Schwake's work offers a refreshing and inspiring look at what is possible when both elements work in harmony.