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Felix Schwake: Mastering Purist Functional Art

The renowned architecture magazine, Stylus, dedicated extensive coverage to architect and designer Felix Schwake in its 3-2012 issue. His functional artworks and the design awards he received in the fields of architecture and interior design were especially highlighted.

Purist Beauty between Art and Furniture

Felix Schwake is known for his exclusive, purist pieces that blur the boundaries between art and furniture. His designs are more than just functional objects - they are sculptural works of art that enrich the space while also serving a practical function.

Architecture and Design: A Successful Symbiosis

As an architect, Felix Schwake brings a unique perspective to his design work. His pieces testify to a deep understanding of space and form and, in their simplicity and clarity, they express the purist design philosophy. They merge with the space, creating an atmosphere of calm and contemplation.

The Philosophy behind Functional Art

Felix Schwake's design philosophy is based on the principle of functional art. Each of his pieces is both aesthetically pleasing and practically usable. They express his belief that art and everyday life are not separate areas, but can harmoniously merge with each other.

Numerous Design Awards and Recognitions

Felix Schwake's innovative and unique approach to furniture design has earned him numerous design awards and recognitions. This acknowledgment reflects the high quality and originality of his work and confirms his status as one of the leading designers in the field of functional art.


The functional works of art by Felix Schwake are an expression of purism and elegance. They combine aesthetics and functionality in a unique way, creating an atmosphere of calm and contemplation. With his award-winning designs, Felix Schwake has set a new standard in the field of functional art, proving that art and everyday life can form a harmonious unity.