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Welcome to bespoke by Felix Schwake. Our personalized service dedicated to  demanding needs of the world's most influential ladies and gentlemen in terms of aesthetics and craftsmanship.
In honor of the uniqueness of our works, the bespoke service offers exclusivity and discretion and craftsmanship excellence tailored to your personal taste.

Unmistakably FELIX SCHWAKE


The result of the Bespoke is an impeccable symbiosis of purist aesthetics and fine, German craftsmanship. Each order is made by hand in Germany to ensure a flawless work; elegant, sophisticated and unmistakably FELIX SCHWAKE.

Personal style


FELIX SCHWAKE invites you to discover the world of bespoke, whewe under the expert guidance of an in-house designer clients have the opportunity to dictate any fundamental detail of the architecture of your furniture.
Select each element personally, from the marble of the surfaces, to the individual cut of the drawers, to the style of the inner precious wood linings, and the color of the yarn of the contrasting seams of the handcrafted leather details.
FELIX SCHWAKE develops a one of a kind work of art tailored to your personal taste, which is manufactured with the highest precision to define your personal style.

Exclusive materials


The studio of FELIX SCHWAKE has an extensive archive with a stunning selection of different materials, from the most extraordinary places in the world. Unique, traditional, classic elegance. This includes a wide range of unique marble surfaces, exquisite fabrics and leathers, precious woods and mesmerizing precious metal surfaces, all of to create your own personal design.

Explore the service in our studio or let FELIX SCHWAKE visit you at a location of your choice, at home, in the office or directly on the construction site - whenever it is convenient for you.


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