Chapter 6

Become Part
of the Journey

In every project I undertake, it's not just about furniture or interior architecture. It's about bringing to life a personal vision for its owner. From quiet, intimate spaces like bedrooms to exclusive, representative rooms like conference rooms or even impressively spectacular rooms like dining and living rooms, I always create unique experiences tailored to the unique lifestyle and special personality of their owners.

Curating Extraordinary
Living Spaces

From a single table to complete spatial atmospheres, Felix Schwake offers spatial environment as curated total works of art. I am about creating spaces that have history and tell stories, present memories, and places that are not only aesthetically designed but also reflect the individual personality and special character of their owners.

Surrounding the Own Life
with Art and Beauty

A work of Felix Schwake is not just a functional piece of furniture or a beautiful artwork. It is a functional work of art. An artistic statement and a useful piece of furniture at the same time. It's something that accompanies you over the decades and generations, absorbing traces of daily life, and becoming more beautiful and more personal over time.

Each of my clients brings a new story, a new challenge, and a new opportunity to create something fresh. Are you ready to start the next chapter with me? I look forward to hearing from you.