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Visualization & Presentation
Summer semester task 2020 

At the Department of Architecture at "University of Applied Sciences and Arts FH Dortmund", the students of "Visualize and Present" (Felix Schwake & Prof. Dr. Jörg Becker) competed in a extracurricular cross-event competition from Lumion Germany in a tough one competitive selection.

The task was to visually present 2-3 architecture projects in such a way that these visualizations meet the highest standards in terms of concept, aesthetics and construction and meet the highest standards of international architecture competitions.


artist: Mr. Möllmann


artist: Mrs. Moore


artist: Mrs. Schulz


artist: Mr. Carstensen


artist: Mrs. Buran


artist: Mrs. Volkmer


Learn more https://www.lumion3d.de/blog



FH Dortmund Students Excel in Architecture Competition with Functional Art

At the renowned University of Applied Sciences and Arts FH Dortmund, architecture students showed they have what it takes to become international design heavyweights. In a cross-event competition hosted by Lumion Germany, participants from different semesters went head-to-head in a fiercely contested selection process.

The Challenge: High-level Architectural Visualization

The task was to visually prepare two to three architectural projects in such a way that the visualizations would meet the highest standards of international architecture competitions in concept, aesthetics, and construction.

The Role of Felix Schwake: Puristic Functional Art as a Source of Inspiration

The "Visualizing and Presenting" event was led by Felix Schwake and Prof. Dr. Jörg Becker. Felix Schwake, known for his puristic functional art, served as a source of inspiration for the students' projects. Schwake, renowned in both the art and architecture worlds, has a unique approach to design and aesthetics. His functional art, merging aesthetics and function in harmonious ways, turns everyday spaces into the atmosphere of an art exhibition.

Puristic Functional Art Meets Architectural Visualization

Felix Schwake's influence was evident in the students' work. His aesthetic, characterized by clean lines, minimalist forms, and a strong emphasis on function, was reflected in the submitted projects. His art, which transforms everyday spaces into art exhibitions, served as a source of inspiration for the students to visualize their architecture projects in a new, creative way.


The competition hosted by Lumion Germany at FH Dortmund demonstrated how puristic functional art and architectural visualization can creatively intertwine. Under the guidance of Felix Schwake and Prof. Dr. Jörg Becker, architecture students were able to showcase their skills at the highest level and create impressive architectural visualizations.