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Paris Design Award 2021


Felix Schwake won the Paris Design Award 2021. The FELIX SCHWAKE BED FS-400 was honored with the Parisian award for special design.


BED FS-400 allows you to sleep in a completely empty room without having to forego the comfort of a traditional bedroom.


The bed is 40 cm high and offers a sleeping area of 220cm x 220cm. It is connected to the floor heating. This warms the surrounding 20cm marble frame in winter and cools it in summer. Bed drawers are integrated into the square shape of the bed. The bedroom space can be left empty. Bedside tables are not necessary. The bed drawers offer storage space and sockets, sound boxes, space for drinks, fold-out flat screen TV. Smartphones or laptops are stowed away invisibly and can be quickly reached with one hand movement. The bed becomes a functional sculpture.


The idea behind Schwake's philosophy "Architecture has to be the background for life" is to expand a simple geometry with a function for "use".

The Jury in Paris liked the idea of ​​a single cuboid placed in the middle of a room without the usual necessary clutter during every day use. This bed creates an absolutely calm and relaxed spatial atmosphere.


Learn more www.dna.paris 


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2021 Winner – Paris Design Award, 2021 Winner – German Design Award Special - Excellent Architecture, 2020 Winner – London Creative Competition Finalist, 2020 Winner – Paris: Product Design of the year, 2020 Winner – Paris Design Award, 2018 Winner – Iconic Awards selection, 2018 winner – Iconic Awards selection, 2016 Winner – German Design Award Special, 2014 Winner – Interior Innovation Award, 2014 Winner – German Design Award Selection, 2011 Winner – Interior Innovation Award

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