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Magazine 10.2021


The journalist, editor and book author Alyn Griffiths (Instagram @alyngriffiths) has selected works by FELIX SCHWAKE for the October / November issue of "Gray" magazine (Seattle, USA) for "Residential Art Work" and presented the FELIX SCHWAKE Beistelltisch FS 126
Published in Gray Magazine 10.2021

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Felix Schwake and His Purist Functional Art: Recognition in Gray Magazine

Alyn Griffiths Acknowledges Felix Schwake

Esteemed journalist, editor, and book author Alyn Griffiths, well-known for his expertise in design and architecture, featured the works of artist Felix Schwake in the October/November edition of "Gray" Magazine. Griffiths, who is recognized in the art and design scene for his astute contributions and distinctive aesthetic sense, specifically selected Felix Schwake's FS 126 side table for the "Residential Art Work" section.

Purist Functional Art by Felix Schwake

Felix Schwake is renowned for his purist functional art, uniquely blending aesthetics and functionality. His pieces are more than just furniture; they are sculptural works of art that enrich the space in a special way while also being practical for everyday use. Inspired by German Modernism and the Bauhaus ideology, Schwake creates furniture pieces that serve as works of art, transforming everyday use into an aesthetic experience.

Felix Schwake Side Table FS 126: A Masterpiece of Functional Art

The FS 126 side table, which Griffiths highlights in his article, is an exemplary representation of Schwake's work. The table is both functional and aesthetically appealing, featuring clear lines and a purist form that emphasizes the aesthetic of the room. Crafted from fine materials with careful attention to detail and quality, the FS 126 side table is more than just a piece of furniture—it is a work of art that enriches any space.

Closing Remark

The acknowledgment of Felix Schwake's work by Alyn Griffiths in Gray Magazine affirms the importance and value of functional art in modern home decor. It demonstrates how art and everyday life can harmoniously merge to create an aesthetic and yet usable environment.