Piano Black
Craftsmanship at its best

We understand architecture as a background for life. Not the architecture, not the room and not the object should be in the foreground. Our elaborately crafted and polished mirror finishes not simply provide a spectacular shine and incredible depth in the lacquer. Through its special reflective properties it harmoniously integrates itself into a room, like a chameleon. The colors of a room, the atmosphere all were literally reflected in the perfect hand crafted surfaces and ensure that the object harmoniously merge with its environment.

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Piano Black Surfaces: Excellent Craftsmanship by Felix Schwake

The Philosophy Behind the Design

At Felix Schwake, architecture is considered as a backdrop for life. It's not about architecture, space, or furniture taking the center stage. Instead, the focus is on creating a harmonious connection between the object and its environment. This approach is reflected in Schwake's use of piano black surfaces.

Top-class Craftsmanship

Schwake's surfaces demonstrate top-class craftsmanship. The elaborate handiwork and pursuit of perfection are reflected in the glossy mirror finishes. But these surfaces offer more than just spectacular shine and incredible depth in the lacquer.

Harmonious Integration into the Room

With their mirror-like properties, Schwake's piano black surfaces enable a harmonious integration of objects into the room. Colors and room atmosphere are literally reflected in the surfaces, allowing the object to seamlessly connect with its surroundings. This chameleon-like adaptability is a central aspect of Schwake's purist functional art.


Felix Schwake combines excellent craftsmanship with a unique design philosophy aimed at harmony and integration. His piano black surfaces are more than just aesthetically pleasing - they are an expression of an art form that seamlessly integrates into the living space.