Polished Mirror Surfaces
in many weeks hand-built piano lacquer

Striving for perfection starts with the first idea and the very first physical contact with the material. To create a perfect final surface, the first moment of contact has to be filled with passion for perfect result. How must the surface be roughened, so that the finely atomized droplet of paint can develop its entire brilliance and how the following polishing steps can reward all effort and know-how with its breathtaking perfection.

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Functional Art in Perfection: The Purist Works of Felix Schwake

The High Demand for Perfection

For the artist Felix Schwake, perfection is not just a goal, but a basic requirement that starts with the very first contact with the material. Each stage of the creative process is filled with a passion for the perfect end result. The devotion and know-how that goes into each of his works is reflected in breathtaking clarity and brilliance.

Polished Mirror-Gloss Surfaces

A distinctive feature of Felix Schwake's work is the use of polished mirror-gloss surfaces. These surfaces, which are built up by hand over many weeks in a complex process, give his works a unique shine and impressive depth.

The Art of Piano Lacquer

Felix Schwake masterfully commands the art of piano lacquer. By carefully roughening the surface, he ensures that the finely atomized lacquer droplet can unfold its full brilliance. The result is a breathtaking surface that rewards the high effort and know-how with its perfection.


With his functional art, Felix Schwake transforms everyday objects into extraordinary works of art. His high demand for perfection, his passion for the material, and his masterful handling of techniques such as piano lacquer make his works a unique experience.