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exclusive Architecture Magazine 11-12


Felix Schwake: Pioneering Functional Art

In its November-December issue, H.O.M.E., the exclusive architecture magazine, features the revolutionary concept of functional art by Felix Schwake. In a world where art and function are often perceived as opposites, Schwake has built a bridge between the two.

Functional Art: Striking a Balance between Art and Furniture

Schwake's pieces are an exquisite fusion of art and furniture. They are functional, yet highly aesthetic, showcasing an admirable design philosophy that questions the conventional distinction between utilitarian object and artwork. His exclusive and purist pieces are the result of careful consideration of material, form, and function.

Purist Design: Felix Schwake's Design Philosophy

Architect and designer Felix Schwake adheres to a design philosophy that champions purism and reduction. Each of his furniture pieces bears testament to this philosophy: they are minimalist in their aesthetic yet maximize function and practical use. The purist forms and clear lines of his furniture pieces create a calm, contemplative atmosphere akin to that of a museum.

Conclusion: A New Era of Functional Art

Felix Schwake's functional art pieces bring a breath of fresh air to the world of interior design and architecture. Through successfully balancing art and furniture, Schwake opens new pathways in design, demonstrating that aesthetics and function can coexist. At a time when we yearn for beauty in our everyday lives, Schwake's functional-artistic vision delivers just that: beauty that is not only to be seen but also to be touched and used.