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Felix Schwake: Debut of Functional Art at Qubique Design Fair 2011

The First Exhibition of Felix Schwake

In 2011, the architect and designer Felix Schwake first made a name for himself at the renowned Qubique design fair. Schwake presented his functional artworks that impress both in form and function, blurring the boundaries between design, architecture, and art.

Recognition by Qubique Magazine

The unique works of Schwake were extensively featured in Qubique magazine. The publication illuminated the design philosophy of the architect and designer and presented his works in a comprehensive report. This coverage highlighted how Schwake combines the aesthetics of minimalism with the functionality of everyday objects, thus creating new forms of artistic living space design.

The Purist Functional Art of Felix Schwake

Felix Schwake specializes in designing functional art characterized by its purist aesthetic. His works are marked by clear lines and reduced forms that emphasize the essential. They create a quiet, contemplative atmosphere reminiscent of a museum.

Schwake's functional artworks are not just aesthetically pleasing but also practical. They fulfill a clear function and enrich everyday life through their use. This approach has earned him much recognition in the design scene as well as among architecture enthusiasts.


Felix Schwake's first exhibition at the Qubique Design Fair 2011 was a milestone in his career. His functional artworks, which impress with their purist aesthetic and practical applicability, were extensively presented by Qubique magazine. With his unique design philosophy, Schwake has set new standards in the world of design and architecture, showing how the aesthetics of minimalism and the functionality of everyday objects can merge in an artistic way.