FS 419-1 Grand-Antique Marmor

Marble Office-Desk in Black-White with sideboard : Modern Meets Nature

Welcome to a world full of art, design, and beauty with the Marble Office-Desk in Black-White with sideboard . This luxurious piece of furniture, designed and crafted with love and tranquility by artist Felix Schwake, is reminiscent of a nocturnal forest walk and will enhance your life with its timeless aesthetics and functionality.

A Statement of Satisfaction and Self-Confidence

The Marble Office-Desk in Black-White with sideboard is more than just a piece of furniture, it's a manifestation of your self-confidence. Inspired by nature and its soothing beauty, the desk radiates a sense of satisfaction and self-confidence that will enrich your home and work environment.

Happiness through Design: Your Personal Forest Walk

The materials and designs chosen by Felix Schwake reflect the beauty and tranquility of a nocturnal forest walk. Whether it's the color, pattern, or origin of the marble, every detail serves to make the moment of Felix Schwake's forest walk at night tangible. Upon request, the multiple award-winning artist customizes the desk according to your ideas to perfect your happiness through design.

FELIX SCHWAKE / Collection II / Desks