Dining Table Cylinder cuboid prism White Arabescato Marble beautiful Dining Room piece of art Dining Tables FS 190 FELIX SCHWAKE



FS 190



FS 413-1

Chapter 4

Timeless Masterpieces

My creations are designed to become more beautiful over time. Marble acquires patina, tabletops bear witness to shared experiences, and materials like brass and leather mature, developing their unique character. They evolve into usable sculptures that increase in value through the life of the user.

Dining Table Prism Legs White Grand Antique Marble elegant Dining Room piece of art Dining Tables FS 174 b FELIX SCHWAKE



FS 174-B

Sideboard Prisms White Arabescato Marble unfathomable simplicity Living Room minimalism Sideboards FS 54 FELIX SCHWAKE



FS 54



FS 111

An Artwork
to Touch

Every element of my works is precisely thought-out and dedicated to the artistic concept. For the owner, it becomes more than a piece of furniture – it turns into a legacy. An artwork that yearns not just for admiration but also for touch.

Desk large with sideboard White Grand Antique Marble statement executive office furniture design Desks FS 419 1 FELIX SCHWAKE



FS 419-1

Bed with bed box White Grand Antique Marble elegant Bedroom piece of art Beds FS 421 FELIX SCHWAKE



FS 421



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