• Praesentation der Webseite FELIXSCHWAKE COM Veroeffentlichung 2018



After more than 2.5 years of defelopment today FELIXSCHWAKE.COM has been released. In addition to the new 2018 collection with new models, images of atmospheresand and many videos. There is now also a configurator with a curated selection of exclusive materials, such as gold, marble and precious woods which can be comined by user.




Introducing the new website FELIXSCHWAKE.COM

After more than two and a half years of intensive work, we are pleased to announce the launch of FELIXSCHWAKE.COM. The website offers a comprehensive insight into the purist functional art of Felix Schwake.

The new 2018 collection

The focus of the new website is the 2018 collection. It includes new models that pick up and further develop Felix Schwake's characteristic purist design. In addition to the models, the website also offers a variety of atmospheric images and drawings by the designer, providing an insight into his creative process.

Videos about the collection

In addition to the visual presentation of the new collection, the website also offers videos that provide an even deeper insight into the work of Felix Schwake. In the videos, the individual pieces of the collection are staged and presented in their full glory.

The configurator: Combine exclusive materials individually

A special highlight of the new website is the configurator. With it, customers can individually combine a curated selection of exclusive materials such as gold, marble, and fine woods to create their very own piece of furniture.


The new website FELIXSCHWAKE.COM presents the purist functional art of Felix Schwake in a new light. The website provides a comprehensive insight into his work and enables customers to design individual pieces of furniture.