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A Milestone in Functional Art: The FAZ Conference Table by Felix Schwake

Starting Point: An Extraordinary Requirement

When the marketing department of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) approached Felix Schwake, the requirements were clear yet challenging: "Develop the coolest table in Germany, something that has never been seen before." With his puristic design philosophy and his sense for strong, formal gestures, architect and designer Felix Schwake took on the challenge.

The Solution: A Masterpiece of Purist Functional Art

Schwake designed a conference table that, with its minimalist design language, represents a strong symbol. A design so reduced yet powerful that it is capable of defining a new dimension of collaboration.

Technical Innovation: More Than Just a Table

The technical centerpiece of the table is the huge square tabletop that serves as a 6.00m x 6.00m monitor display with touchscreen. Presentation content can be directly pulled from the wall onto the tabletop and edited there. The result is a dynamic exchange in which the presentation turns into an interactive, evolving process. The result of a discussion round stands at the end and not just passive information intake.

Conclusion: A Paradigm Shift in Conference Culture

With the conference table designed by Felix Schwake for the FAZ, not only an extraordinary piece of art was created, but also a paradigm shift in conference culture was initiated. Information can be dynamically passed on to individual participants with a swipe of a finger, drastically changing the way group collaboration works. This table is a perfect example of the power of Functional Art, uniting aesthetics, functionality, and innovation.