Square and flexible 

cantilever chair by FELIX SCHWAKE

The architect's ideal of chair in plan is a square. Consistent matchnig to a rectangular room. The architect and designer Felix Schwake did not want to accept that the ideal in angular and comfortable does not exist and has developed a cantilever chair that is angular and comfortable at the same time. It is made of 8mm special aircraft aluminum, which gives the 4 squares that flexibility to get a comfartable backrest angel. 

The FELIX SCHWAKE cantilever chair combines geometrical correctness and convenience.


2021 Winner – German Design Award Special - Excellent Architecture, 2020 Winner – Product Design of the year - Paris, 2020 Winner – Paris Design Award, 2018 Winner – Iconic Awards selection, 2018 winner – Iconic Awards selection, 2016 Winner – German Design Award Special, 2014 Winner – Interior Innovation Award, 2014 Winner – German Design Award Selection, 2011 Winner – Interior Innovation Award

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