Square and flexible
cantilever chair by FELIX SCHWAKE

The architect's ideal of chair in plan is a square. Consistent matchnig to a rectangular room. The architect and designer Felix Schwake did not want to accept that the ideal in angular and comfortable does not exist and has developed a cantilever chair that is angular and comfortable at the same time. It is made of 8mm special aircraft aluminum, which gives the 4 squares that flexibility to get a comfartable backrest angel. 

The FELIX SCHWAKE cantilever chair combines geometrical correctness and convenience.

Cantilever Chair


Felix Schwake's Cantilever Chair: Functional Art Meets Architectural Perfection

The Vision of the Ideal Chair

For architect and designer Felix Schwake, the ideal chair in its basic form is a pure square. A design that clearly and consistently reflects the formal language of right-angled rooms. But often reality and ideal must make compromises - thus the ideal square in the floor plan is complemented by a sloping back and four legs.

The Cantilever Chair: Uncompromising Comfort and Formal Correctness

Felix Schwake did not accept this compromise and instead developed a cantilever chair that combines these two aspects: comfort and formal correctness. His chair, made of 8mm aircraft aluminium, in its unloaded form consists of four right-angled squares joined together. Only when loaded does the chair flexibly change its shape so that the backrest springs into a comfortable slope.

The FELIX SCHWAKE Cantilever Chair: A Masterpiece of Functional Art

The cantilever chair by Felix Schwake is a prime example of functional art. It combines aesthetics and function in a design that meets both the formal requirements of the architect and offers high seating comfort. This masterpiece of purist functional art shows how form and function can be combined at the highest level.