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AIT Architecture Magazine 10-19


Felix Schwake: Master of Purism in Functional Art

AIT: Insight into the World of Felix Schwake

In its 10-19 issue, AIT, the prestigious architecture magazine, featured Felix Schwake, one of the most significant protagonists of functional art. AIT acknowledged his unique contributions to architecture and interior design and introduced his exclusive, purist creations that are situated at the interface of art and furniture.

Functional Art and Design Awards

Felix Schwake is known for his impressive portfolio of functional art and his multiple award-winning design contributions in the world of architecture and interior design. Schwake's extraordinary creations have been recognized multiple times, underscoring his position as one of the leading artists and designers in this field.

Exclusive Purist Pieces

At the heart of Schwake's work are his exclusive purist pieces, which redefine the concept of functional art. They bridge the gap between art and furniture by combining sculptural beauty with practical function. In Schwake's hands, a piece of furniture becomes a work of art that meets the aesthetic and functional needs of modern life.

The Design Philosophy of Felix Schwake

As an architect and designer, Felix Schwake pursues a clear design philosophy characterized by purism and functionality. He sees his work as a constant search for the perfect connection of aesthetics and utility. For him, functional art is not only a form of expression but also a way to improve the quality of everyday life.


Felix Schwake is a master of purism in functional art. His works, recognized by AIT, are an impressive example of the fusion of art and function. His exclusive purist pieces are more than just furniture - they are works of art that enrich the space and enhance daily life.