• FELIX SCHWAKE PREMIUM PROJECT Maastricht University Kick off Meeting 2020
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Premium Program EDLAB 2020

Maastricht University of Business and Economics

PREMIUM is Maastricht University’s Honours programme for high-performing, motivated master’s students. Once selected, students are grouped together in interdisciplinary teams and given a project to complete for a client from the (local) business or government sector under the guidance of a project mentor. Alongside their project, students receive individual coaching focused on personal competence development. Lastly, students attend several workshops to help cultivate valuable skills and knowledge to prepare them for the job market.

This semester, Kriti, Carolin, Paloma and Ruben have spent a semester thinking about how to build a sales concept for a luxury brand using the example of the brand "Felix Schwake". The students work was accompanied by the mentor Sabine Nievelstein. For the students and also for the team of Felix Schwake it was a great experience.

2021 Winner - Paris Design Award – 2021 Winner - German Design Award Special - Excellent Architecture – 2020 Winner - London Creative Competition Finalist – 2020 Winner - Paris: Product Design of the year – 2020 Winner - Paris Design Award

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