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AIT Architecture Magazine 4-14


AIT Architecture Magazine: Spotlight on Felix Schwake's Functional Art

The esteemed AIT Architecture Magazine, in its 4-14 issue, delivered an impressive coverage on the architect and designer Felix Schwake and his purist functional artworks. Straddling between art and furniture, his pieces are exemplars of exclusive aesthetics while embodying practical application.

Design Awards: Recognition for Schwake's Unique Works

Felix Schwake has repeatedly received accolades for his work in architecture and interior design. This recognition mirrors the quality and uniqueness of his design approaches, which manifest in clean lines, purist design, and a deft balance between art and function.

Exclusive Purist Pieces: The Fusion of Art and Furniture

Schwake's work stands out for its ability to blend art and furniture, thereby creating pieces that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional. His purist designs are devoid of unnecessary embellishments, focusing on pure form and function. They are exclusive in their expression yet universal in their application.

Design Philosophy: The Journey Behind the Works

Felix Schwake's design philosophy lies in the harmonious fusion of form and function. As an architect and designer, he perceives design not just as a process of creating beautiful objects, but also as a means to improve and enrich everyday life. His work is thoughtful and reflective, with a strong emphasis on usability, comfort, and aesthetics.


The AIT Architecture Magazine highlights Felix Schwake's work by illuminating his unique approaches in design and architecture. Schwake, who consistently blurs the lines between art and furniture, demonstrates how design can enrich our lives both aesthetically and functionally. Through his purist yet intricate designs, he has carved a niche of his own in the world of functional art.