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Interior Innovation Award 2014


Interior Innovation Award 2014: Felix Schwake and Purist Functional Art

Recognition for Functional Art

In 2014, Felix Schwake was honoured with the esteemed Interior Innovation Award. This accolade commends the most innovative design solutions in the fields of architecture and interior. Felix Schwake, the architect and designer, has made a name for himself with his exclusive, purist pieces that exist between art and furniture. His functional art uniquely fuses aesthetics and utility.

Exclusive Purist Pieces: Between Art and Furniture

The works of Felix Schwake are more than mere pieces of furniture. They are sculptural pieces of art that are both practical and useful. His designs are characterised by clean lines, simple forms, and a strong focus on function. The simplicity and reduction of forms underscore the sculptural aspect of his pieces, rendering them unique works of art that not only aesthetically enrich a space but also offer practical use.

The Design Philosophy of Felix Schwake

Felix Schwake's design philosophy is deeply influenced by purist aesthetics and functionality. The architect and designer believes that good design must be not only beautiful but also functional. His approach is to create harmony between aesthetics and function through clear lines and simple forms. He regards his pieces as "functional art" - works of art that are not just intended for viewing, but also serve a practical purpose.


The Interior Innovation Award 2014 recognises Felix Schwake's unique contributions to functional art. His exclusive, purist pieces that reside between art and furniture have ushered a new aesthetic in the world of design. By combining clear lines, simple forms, and strong functionality, he has succeeded in creating works of art that enrich a space while also being practical.