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Bilanz Homes
Swiss real estate magazine 4-12


Felix Schwake: The Master of Purist Functional Art

The Swiss real estate magazine Bilanz Homes featured renowned architect and designer Felix Schwake in its 4-2012 issue, showcasing his remarkable work in functional art. His purist approach to design has earned him numerous awards in the fields of architecture and interior design.

Blurring the Boundaries between Art and Furniture

Felix Schwake is known for his exclusive, purist pieces that skillfully blur the boundary between art and furniture. Each of his pieces is both a functional piece of furniture and a work of art capable of transforming a room and lending it a unique aesthetic.

The Design Philosophy of Felix Schwake

At the heart of Felix Schwake's work lies his unique design philosophy. He views his work as a kind of "functional art", where the function of the furniture piece harmoniously melds with its aesthetic expressiveness. His pieces of furniture are meant not only for use but also to delight the eye and enrich the space they occupy.

Recognition in the World of Design

The awards Felix Schwake has received for his works testify to the high esteem his work enjoys in the world of design. He has been honored for his ability to create simple, functional pieces of furniture that simultaneously possess a high degree of artistic expressiveness. His pieces are a tribute to the beauty of simplicity and the power of functional art.

Felix Schwake is a pioneer in the world of functional art. Through his purist, aesthetically pleasing designs, he has set a new standard in the world of design. His works, both art and furniture, are an inspiring example of how design can be used to enrich everyday life and transform spaces.