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Architecture Magazine 3-20


Cube Architecture Magazine Sheds Light on Felix Schwake's Functional Art

In its 3-2020 issue, Cube Architecture Magazine features architect and designer Felix Schwake, whose functional art has been recognized with numerous design awards in architecture and interior. Schwake's work stands at the intersection of art and furniture design and embodies a unique puristic style.

Felix Schwake's Puristic Aesthetic

Felix Schwake's pieces are characterized by their puristic aesthetic that presents the viewer with a harmonious union of functionality and art. His creations are more than just furniture, they are sculptural works of art that transform spaces and turn them into vibrant art exhibitions.

The Philosophy of Functional Design

Felix Schwake's design philosophy is based on the principle of functional art. His approach is to merge aesthetic and functional aspects to create pieces that are not only visually appealing but also practical. His pieces are meticulously conceptualized and designed to ensure optimal use while providing a strong visual impact.

Architecture and Interior: A Seamless Interplay

Felix Schwake takes a holistic approach to spatial design, where architecture and interior design seamlessly blend. His functional art pieces are designed to harmoniously integrate into and enrich the space. His award-winning works bear testament to his deep understanding of space, proportions, and materials, and his ability to transform these elements into unique works of art.

Felix Schwake is a remarkable designer and architect, whose functional art pieces blur the boundaries between art and design. His puristic aesthetics and holistic approach to spatial design have earned him recognition and awards, making him a prominent figure in the realm of functional art.