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Iconic Magazine
Interior Architecture 2018


Iconic Magazine Highlights the Functional Art of Felix Schwake

Recognition in the World of Design and Architecture

The esteemed Iconic Magazine, renowned for its expert coverage on interior architecture, commended the remarkable work of architect and designer Felix Schwake in its 2018 issue. His functional artworks and his numerous awards in architecture and interior design were particularly highlighted.

Exclusive Purist Pieces: Where Art Meets Furniture

Felix Schwake has made a name for himself with exclusive, purist pieces that blur the boundaries between art and furniture. His works are more than mere functional elements - they express his creative vision and unique approach to design. They merge aesthetics and function in a way that is both inspiring and practical.

Design Philosophy of Felix Schwake

At the forefront of Felix Schwake's design philosophy stands the idea of functional art. Inspired by the German Modern and the Bauhaus ideology, Schwake sees his works as a harmonious fusion of art and everyday life. His furniture pieces are not just aesthetically pleasing objects but also functional elements that enrich the room both aesthetically and functionally. They are an expression of his deep belief that design is more than the sum of its parts, and that it has the ability to transform the space and the experience of those who use it.


The functional artworks of Felix Schwake are a unique blend of aesthetics and function. His work, recognized by prestigious publications like Iconic Magazine, represents his visionary design philosophy and his talent for creating furniture pieces that are both beautiful and useful. Felix Schwake's functional art approach pushes the boundaries of furniture design, creating pieces that inspire as well as enrich everyday life.