• RECHTECK FELIX SCHWAKE Besprechungstisch Interior Innovation Award 2011 GEWINNER
  • RECHTECK FELIX SCHWAKE Schreibtisch Interior Innovation Award 2011 GEWINNER
  • RECHTECK FELIX SCHWAKE Besprechungstisch German Design Award 2011 nominee Interior Innovation Award 2011 GEWINNER

Interior Innovation Award 2011


FELIX SCHWAKE has been on the IMM 2011 honored with the Interior Innovation Award from the "Design Council".

The Innovation Award was awarded for the multimedia table K-1. It helps the user to work more efficiently and orderly. It is not forced to order, but given the scope to be messy, without arising chaos. So the pen storage compartment e.g. is a place where you are able to dig and digging around . If the visit, the extendable cars are simply pushed back into its sleeve. And everything is tidied.


Felix Schwake: Winner of the Interior Innovation Award 2011

Honoured at IMM 2011

At IMM 2011, Felix Schwake was honoured with the Innovation Award from the "German Design Council". The prestigious award recognises outstanding design achievements and innovative products in the field of interior architecture and design.

The SUMMARUm Multimedia Table

The award was given to Felix Schwake for the SUMMARUm multimedia table. This product exemplifies Schwake's purist functional art, combining aesthetics, functionality, and innovation. The table is not just a piece of furniture, but also an effective work tool that brings order and efficiency to the working day.

Functionality and Design Hand in Hand

The SUMMARUm multimedia table is designed to help the user work more efficiently and tidily. Rather than forcing the user into order, it provides spaces where messiness is allowed without creating chaos. For example, the pen compartment is a place where one can rummage and dig. When visitors arrive, the extended function trolley can simply be pushed back into its sleeve.

Felix Schwake: A Master of Purist Functional Art

The award of the Interior Innovation Award 2011 underlines Felix Schwake's position as one of the leading designers in the field of purist functional art. His design approach, which combines aesthetics, functionality and innovation, creates unique products that enrich everyday life while making an aesthetic statement.