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Custom-Made Conference Table and Counter: Purist Functional Art by Felix Schwake

Fine Materials Meet Custom-Made Design

Felix Schwake, master of functional art, has created a custom-made conference table and counter system for a renowned law firm. He used rare and valuable materials for this purpose: the dark Makassar ebony and the bright Zebrano wood, which are mainly used in instrument making.

Makassar Ebony: Dark Elegance with Hidden Depth

The very dark Makassar ebony gives the conference table a subtly elegant appearance at first glance. Only under direct sunlight does the wood reveal its incredible depth of color, creating an elegant and factual atmosphere that underlines the law firm's quality standards.

Zebrano Wood: A Hidden Treasure

Inside the table body, the radiant yellow Zebrano precious wood comes to light. Only when the cable duct is opened does it become visible in its incomparable black-yellow grain. In a warm contrast to the dark ebony, it shines brightly, giving the table an exclusive note.

The Counter: A Harmonious Addition

In addition to the conference table system, Schwake designed a matching counter for the reception area. Tailor-made for the spatial conditions of the law firm, it combines counter and shelf in one, separates the work areas of the secretariat from the public area, and still allows for an open room design. In the dark ebony surface, the counter blends seamlessly into the overall material concept.


With his purist design and masterful use of fine materials, Felix Schwake has created an aesthetic that unites objectivity, quality, and exclusive elegance. His functional works of art impressively demonstrate that a room is more than just its function - it is the background for life itself.