• Felix Schwake

Felix Schwake: Winner of the German Design Award Special 2016
The award for the S-2 desk concept

On February 12, Felix Schwake was honored with the German Design Award SPECIAL 2016 for his innovative S-2 desk concept at the Frankfurt am Main exhibition center. A remarkable moment for the artist and his visionary approach to functional art.

A Tribute to Minimalist Aesthetics

The jury justified their decision for the minimalist concept with the functional idea of tranquility, which creates a sustainably quiet environment in everyday use. Felix Schwake's S-2 desk concept is more than just a piece of furniture - it is a purist design solution that understands the room as a neutral background and maintains this state even during its use.

Purist Functional Art: The Vision of Felix Schwake

Felix Schwake masterfully combines aesthetics and functionality in his works. His approach to understanding space and architecture as the background for life and seeing functional art as an integral part of this concept has earned him international recognition.


The award with the German Design Award Special 2016 underlines the significance of Felix Schwake's work and his unique vision of functional art. His minimalist yet highly functional design creates spaces that radiate tranquility while maintaining a high level of aesthetics.