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Bespoke Service
Luxurious materials & Service

Each work of FELIX SCHWAKE will be made for you personally after order. Therefore, FELIX SCHWAKE works are for real unique. Our designers and architects are developing extremely personalized designs with very unique materials. Especially precious woods offers an incredibly wide range of exceptional craftsmanship. From the type of wood, to the natural color and the different textures and alignment of the wood grain on the surfaces. For your RECHTECK we offer in aesthetics and perfect German precision an absolutely unique and outstanding manufactured surfaces.

Contact now your personal FELIX SCHWAKE designer to discuss your personal unique piece. Kundenservice kontaktieren Customer service


Bespoke Service: Luxurious Materials and Individual Service

Unique Creations Made For You

Each work by FELIX SCHWAKE is unique and made to order specifically for you. That's why FELIX SCHWAKE's works are true one-of-a-kind pieces. Our designers and architects therefore develop extremely personalized designs and materials that cater to your individual needs and preferences.

Selection of the Best Materials

Especially noble woods offer an incredibly wide range of extraordinary craftsmanship. From the choice of wood type, natural colouring to the different grain and alignment of the wood on the surfaces of your work, we offer an absolutely unique and outstandingly processed surface quality. We place great emphasis on aesthetics and perfect German workmanship.

Tailored to Your Personal Taste

Our goal is to provide you with a piece that reflects your personal taste and style. Our bespoke service allows us to work together with you to create a piece of furniture or artwork that is not only unique but also of the highest quality. Discover the difference that the bespoke creation by FELIX SCHWAKE makes.