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Felix Schwake: Purist Functional Art Meets Architecture


The renowned architecture magazine "Der Architekt" dedicated an extensive report to the multi-award-winning architect and designer Felix Schwake in its 5-2011 issue. The focus was particularly on Schwake's functional art and his unique design philosophy, which is evident in his exclusive and purist pieces.

Felix Schwake: A Master of Functional Art

Felix Schwake has made a name for himself in the world of architecture and design. His work is characterized by a unique fusion of art and furniture design. The functional artworks he creates are more than just furniture. They are sculptural objects that shape space and atmosphere.

Awards for Architecture and Interior

In his career to date, Felix Schwake has received a number of prestigious design awards for his outstanding achievements in the fields of architecture and interior design. These accolades acknowledge his innovative approach to design and his ability to transform spaces through his functional artworks.

The Purist Design Philosophy of Felix Schwake

Felix Schwake follows a purist design philosophy, which is reflected in the simplicity and clarity of his pieces. His furniture is minimalist and elegant, their forms reduced to the essential. They radiate a calm and contemplative atmosphere reminiscent of a museum setting.

Despite their reduction, Felix Schwake's pieces are more than just functional. They are artfully designed and bear witness to a deep engagement with the topics of space, material, and light. Their sculptural quality makes them artworks that shape and enrich the space.

Exclusive Pieces Between Art and Furniture

Felix Schwake's works stand at the border between art and furniture. They are functional, but also aesthetically pleasing. They combine the practical with the beautiful, thus creating a unique balance between utility and aesthetics. Whether tables, chairs, or cabinets – each piece is a unique item that enriches its surroundings and gives it a special touch.


Felix Schwake is a master of functional art. His purist design philosophy, his innovative design approaches, and his ability to turn furniture into works of art have earned him recognition and awards. His work is an inspiring enrichment to the world of architecture and design.