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furniture equipment
for functional artworks

A work of FELIX SCHWAKE has an extremely minimalist geometry. in favor for its geometry its function should not be lost. therefore, every workis tailored to the personal needs of its owner. That means we integrate exactly the equipment you need. The function remains hidden, yet easy to reach.

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Felix Schwake's Purist Functional Art: The Perfect Symbiosis of Form and Function

Customised Furniture Equipment

A piece by Felix Schwake is a masterpiece of minimalist geometry. His designs are characterised by an extremely reduced formal language, without neglecting functionality. Each piece is tailored to the individual needs of its owner and equipped with exactly the equipment needed. Felix Schwake masterfully integrates the function into his purist functional art: always hidden and yet easily accessible.

The Perfect Symbiosis of Form and Function

Felix Schwake's purist functional art is the perfect fusion of form and function. His works are not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional. They are more than just utilitarian objects, they are works of art that enrich the space and enrich everyday life.

Individual Design with Felix Schwake

A personal conversation with your designer offers the opportunity to learn more about the possibilities of individual design with Felix Schwake. Let yourself be inspired by the extraordinary combination of minimalist aesthetics and functional equipment and discover how Felix Schwake's purist functional art can elevate your interior to a new level.