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Metal Surfaces
for functional art pieces

Metals reveal their beauty not only in polished form. Metals like brass unfolds its aesthetics through the typical almost black oxidize. At places that are touched by skin it reveal the typical golden glow of the material. Remembering a church gate made out of brass, the FELIX SCHWAKE material shows its authenticity through its use. Nothing artificial. Something real.

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Metallic Aesthetics in the Functional Art of Felix Schwake

The Hidden Beauty of Metal

Metals possess an extraordinary beauty that goes beyond the polished surface. Materials like brass unfold their full aesthetic impact through the typical, almost black oxidation process.

Brass: A Living Material

Brass reveals its typical golden shine at spots that come into contact with the skin. This natural interplay between oxidation and shine creates an authenticity that characterises the work of Felix Schwake.

The Puristic Functional Art of Felix Schwake

Felix Schwake utilises these properties of metals in his functional art. His puristic works are characterised by authenticity and genuineness. Through usage, individual traces are created that make each piece unique, similar to a frequently touched church gate. This creates something genuine, non-artificial, combining the beauty of the material and the traces of usage.


Felix Schwake's functional art uniquely utilises metals to combine aesthetics and function. His puristic works are living pieces of art that develop an individual patina through use, thus expressing the authentic beauty of the material.