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German Design Award 2016

FELIX SCHWAKE Conference Table


Conference Table



The Winner of the German Design Award 2016: The FELIX SCHWAKE Conference Table

Recognition of Felix Schwake's Purist Functional Art

Felix Schwake's purist functional art received significant recognition in 2016: The FELIX SCHWAKE conference table was awarded the prestigious German Design Award. This prize validates the uniqueness and excellence of his art, which unites functionality and aesthetics in an unparalleled way.

Nomination for the German Design Award

The exceptional quality of the RECHETCK conference table was also recognised by the jury of the German Design Award. Its clear outer geometry and invisibly integrated interior equipment made it a contender for one of the most important international design awards.

The FELIX SCHWAKE Conference Table: A Masterpiece of Functional Art

The FELIX SCHWAKE conference table stands out for its hidden, wide cable channel, tool-free assembly, and various media interfaces such as USB, network, fibre optic, HDMI, power, etc. Each model is handcrafted to order and made to fit the customer's measurements, underlining its uniqueness and quality.


The recognition of Felix Schwake's purist functional art by the German Design Award 2016 confirms his status as a leading artist in his field. His FELIX SCHWAKE conference table is an impressive example of the seamless integration of aesthetics and function that distinguishes his work.