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German Design Award 2016




Felix Schwake's Chief Desk S-4: Winner of the German Design Award 2016

Acknowledgement of the German Design Award

The innovative corner desk by Felix Schwake received high recognition at the prestigious German Design Award 2016. The Council for Design's jury awarded the desk due to its clear form and intelligently integrated cable management system.

Functionality and Aesthetics in Perfect Harmony

Felix Schwake's desk S-4 represents purist functional art at its best. While in use, the desk maintains its purist form and cleverly hides all technical elements. However, everything remains easily accessible at all times. It's this combination of functionality and aesthetics that makes this desk so unique.

Intelligent Cable Management and Invisible Storage

The intelligent cable management of the S-4 is integrated into the design of the table. Cables run internally, invisible from the outside, and are led to the monitor in the shortest possible way. The entire cabling remains invisible inside the table, but always easily accessible. The accompanying sideboard invisibly stows not only the entire table cabling but also office utensils such as files, pens, and hanging files.


Felix Schwake's desk S-4 is an outstanding example of the fusion of function and form in purist functional art. With its award at the German Design Award 2016, this desk has proven its position as a masterpiece of design innovation.