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German Design Award 2016

Desk S-4

Desk S4


Felix Schwake: Purist Functional Art meets Smart Design

Winner of the German Design Award 2016

Felix Schwake, a master of purist functional art, has once again demonstrated his creativity and talent. His innovative corner desk, the "Chef-Desk S-4", was awarded the prestigious German Design Award 2016.

A Design that Combines Form and Function

This success is no accident, for Schwake's work is more than just aesthetically pleasing. It is intelligently designed to combine functionality and design. His award-winning Chef-Desk S-4 is characterized by a clear and simple shape that is preserved even during use. Added to this is an intelligently integrated cable management system that makes all technology invisible while always remaining easily accessible.

Hidden Functions and Minimalist Design

But that's not all. The corner desk also features a sideboard, cleverly designed to invisibly store printer pull-out, PC pull-out, the entire table cabling and office supplies such as files, pens and hanging folders. From the sideboard, the cables run internally and invisibly to the outside into the cable channel of the table top and are thus guided to the monitor in the shortest possible way. The entire cabling remains invisible inside the table and is still always easily accessible.


The "Chef-Desk S-4" by Felix Schwake is a prime example of successful fusion of purist functional art and smart design. It impressively demonstrates how aesthetics and functionality can come together at the highest level. This award-winning corner desk is not just a piece of furniture, but a work of art that enhances and facilitates everyday life.