• RECHTECK FELIX SCHWAKE German Design Award 2016

German Design Award Nominee 2016


Three works of Felix Schwake were nominated to one of the most important international design award "German Design Award 2016".

desk with sideboard

Executive Desk

boardroom table


Felix Schwake: Three Nominations for the "German Design Award 2016"

Acknowledgement in the World of Design

No fewer than three works by the artist Felix Schwake have had the honour of being nominated for one of the most important international design prizes, the "German Design Award 2016". It is a remarkable recognition of his innovative and aesthetic work in the field of functional art.

Desk with Sideboard

The desk with sideboard is a prime example of Schwake's mastery of minimalism. Clarity and function meet aesthetic elegance, while the piece of furniture impresses with its simplicity.

Executive Desk

The executive desk represents a successful symbiosis of formal rigor and practical function. With its clear lines and robust, yet elegant appearance, it embodies the ideal of functional design.

Conference Table

The conference table by Felix Schwake shows how functionality and aesthetics can merge into a harmonious whole. It is not only a place of exchange and collaboration, but also a work of art that enriches any room.


Felix Schwake's work was honored by the nomination of no fewer than three of his works for the prestigious "German Design Award 2016". His functional artworks combine aesthetics, functionality, and innovation in a way that is noticed in the design world. It remains to be seen what further successes Felix Schwake will achieve in the future.