Piano Lacquer
Top Notch Craftsmanship

We understand architecture as a background for life. Not the architecture, not the room and not the object should be in the foreground. Our elaborately crafted and polished mirror finishes not simply provide a spectacular shine and incredible depth in the lacquer. Through its special reflective properties it harmoniously integrates itself into a room, like a chameleon. The colors of a room, the atmosphere all were literally reflected in the perfect hand crafted surfaces and ensure that the object harmoniously merge with its environment.

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Piano Lacquer: An Expression of Functional Art

Top-Notch Craftsmanship

In the world of functional art, craftsmanship plays a crucial role. This is particularly evident in the works of Felix Schwake, who creates spectacular mirror finishes in painstaking manual work. Through his skill and attention to detail, he achieves an incredible depth in the lacquer and at the same time creates an impressive shine.

Architecture as a Background for Life

Felix Schwake understands architecture as the background for life. Neither the architecture itself, the room, nor the piece of furniture should be in the foreground. Instead, the aim is to enable a harmonious integration of the objects into the room. His piano lacquered furniture acts like a chameleon, adapting to its surroundings.

The Magic of the Mirror: A Harmonious Connection

Through the reflective properties of the piano lacquer, the furniture reflects the colours and the room atmosphere. They mirror the environment and thus connect harmoniously with it. This interplay of reflection and adaptation ensures that the piece of furniture blends seamlessly into its context while unfolding its aesthetic effect.


Felix Schwake's functional works of art are characterised by a puristic aesthetic and high-quality craftsmanship. His use of piano lacquer allows a harmonious integration of the furniture into the room by reflecting the environment in the furniture pieces. In this way, he creates functional works of art that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also part of the living space.